Introducing The Clever Dripper – the Best of Both Worlds Brewer

Nov 4, 2016

About The Clever Dripper


Our team has been on the hunt for brewing methods that highlight the complexities of our coffees and produce a great cup, but are easy and accessible for our customers to use at home. The Clever Dripper is just that. It combines the best features of a french press and a pourover, producing an evenly extracted, full bodied brew with no sediment and little effort.

It’s a full immersion brewing method that works a lot like a french press. Simply pour all of the water over the grounds and wait. We do a lot of multitasking at the roastery so we love a brewing method that doesn’t require a lot of baby sitting to get a good cup. After a few minutes, place the brewer on your favorite mug and it will automatically release your brewed coffee, filtering out all the oils and sediment. Specialty coffee with little effort? Your busy mornings will thank you. It’s consistent, it’s easy to use, it’s delicious, and it’s our new go-to method for brewing a balanced cup of coffee.

We’ll be launching the Clever Dripper at the Downtown Lakeland Curbside Market this weekend (11/03 from 8am-2pm) so be sure to stop by, get a cup of freshly roasted coffee, and see the Clever in action.


Our Recipe


22g of Patriot Coffee – ground medium coarse
325g of filtered water – heated to 200-205 degrees
#4 paper filter

1. Using a digital scale, weigh out 22g of whole bean coffee. Grind in a burr grinder on a medium-coarse setting (slightly coarser than for drip).
2. Prime the Clever Dripper and filter with hot water (this rinses the brewer and helps with heat retention during your brew). Dispose of the rinse water and add your grounds to the rinsed filter.
3. As you start your timer, pour 325g of filtered water (heated to 200-205 degrees) over the grounds. When the timer hits 30 seconds, give the grounds a quick stir and cover the Clever.
4. At the 3 minute mark, remove the lid and place the Clever on top of your mug. The brewed coffee will draw down into your mug over the next 1-2 minutes. If it takes substantially longer, try using a coarser grind. If the coffee brews too fast, try using a finer grind. Our method has called for a 1:15 coffee to water ratio. To adjust the strength of the brew, simply increase or decrease the amount of coffee used. Most importantly, enjoy!


Where to Buy


Head to Prima Coffee for a great price on the Clever Dripper, plus a really informative video demo!

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