Introducing In The Lab with Patriot Coffee Roasters

Aug 10, 2020

Welcome to the Patriot Coffee Lab!

This week we are launching In The Lab – a series of longer format tutorial videos on our Youtube channel. Our first video takes a deeper dive into the French Press and offers some background on the brewer, as well as a tutorial for getting the most out of this brewer utilizing a technique that minimizes the amount of sediment in the cup.
In future In The Lab videos you can expect to see brew guides, experiments, and general educational content that we hope you will find useful no matter what experience level you have in coffee.
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Our Recipe:

– 40g fresh coffee, ground on a medium-coarse setting
– 680g filtered water, heated to 205 degrees F
1. Add 40g of ground coffee to the French Press
2. Starting your timer, add 680g of 205 degree water to the grounds, pouring in concentric circles to ensure all grounds are saturated. Steep for 4 mins
3. At the 4 minute mark, use a spoon to stir and break the crust of grounds that are on the top of the coffee
4. Use a second spoon to scoop off as much of the top layer of foam and oils as possible
5. Allow to steep for an additional 5 mins
6. After 5 minutes, place the top of the french press on the brewer, and press the plunger down until it is rested just on top of the surface of the coffee. At this point, all of the fines and coffee particles should be resting on the bottom of the brewer
7. Slowly and carefully pour yourself a cup and enjoy the cleanest French Press you’ve ever had!
Keep an eye out for future In The Lab videos!

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