Guide to Holiday Coffee Pairings

Nov 23, 2016

Someone once said that “wine makes a symphony of a good meal”. While we won’t disagree, we also believe that amazing coffee paired with good food, and even better company, will produce a wonderful symphony all its own. We know it can be a little daunting to make perfect coffee pairings, so we’ve done the work for you. We’ve put together a coffee menu that will help you breeze through Thanksgiving and even through the entire holiday season. From the perfect pie pairing to the best hostess gift, you’ll be armed and ready with a coffee pairing for every moment.

Go the extra mile and impress your friends and family by brewing your coffee with a Chemex. Instructions here.


Breakfast Brew

Whether you’re up early to throw the turkey in the oven or lounging on the couch watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, our Costa Rica Naranja La Rosa, with notes of milk chocolate and orange, is the perfect way to wake up in the morning. It pairs equally well with a hearty egg breakfast or a light fruit salad (for those saving room for the main event).

Pie Partner

With nutty notes, fuller bodies, and rich chocolatey flavor, both the Market and 205 Blends can stand up to the dense sweetness of pumpkin, sweet potato, and pecan pies. The dark, slightly smoky coffees are a great option for those who prefer their coffee with cream and sugar. If apple or cranberry pie is on the menu, we recommend pairing with the Sumatra Wahana. It’s complex and fruity with notes of blackberry and watermelon candy.

Hostess Gift

Having a Friendsgiving or going to someone else’s place this year? We can guarantee that the Ethiopia Adado is one gift that won’t be regifted. It’s exotic enough to impress without being so complex that it becomes unapproachable for those new to specialty coffee. The notes of peach and creamy chocolate will pair well with nearly any meal of the day and is also a great one to sip on when you can pause to take it all in.

Crowd Pleaser

It may seem impossible to please every palate at the table, but look no further than the Brazil Valle De Grama. Loved by dark roast fanatics and third wave drinkers alike, it is the coffee we can rest assured knowing that anyone will enjoy. It’s a medium roast with a chocolatey body and notes of nut, fruit, and spice. It was practically made for the holidays and will pair equally well with dessert and leftover turkey sandwiches. Make a full pot – you’re going to need it. 

Black Friday Pick Me Up

If you’re hitting up the Black Friday deals after dinner, you’re going to need a bright coffee to perk you up and keep you going through the night. We recommend our Burundi Matongo. It’s the perfect balance of cane sugar sweetness and bright, citrus acidity – like sunshine in your cup. It’s liveliness will trick you into believing you got more than only 2 hours of sleep. Pair with comfy clothes, strong will, and a desire for finding the best deal.

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