Brewing & Tasting: Brazil Valle de Grama

May 27, 2016


When samples of this coffee finally made it to our cupping table, we were impressed by how balanced and seemingly layered this coffee was. After working with a few different roast profiles we settled on a medium roast. The final product strikes a balance between the complexity offered up by cinnamon, spice and nutty aromas and toffee flavors. A mellow acidity lends the cup just a dash of liveliness which may present in soft fruit flavors, depending on the brewing method.

Patriot Team Picks
After selecting the roast profile for each coffee, we then brew the coffee on multiple brewing apparati to determine which method makes the most of the coffee’s strengths.

Summary – A versatile coffee, perfectly suited for an everyday drip, pourover or Aeropress.

First Choice – Chemex
Both Chris and Nicole selected the Chemex as their top choice. This brewing method did the best job of highlighting the subtle berry notes and produced a clean cup with a light body. Brewing Ratio: 15:1, Medium-coarse grind.

Second Choice – Drip: OXO Barista Brain
Nick’s selected drip as his favorite, but the entire team thought the OXO brewer did a solid job of highlighting the coffee’s strengths. This method produced a clean cup, and displayed sweet toffee and nutty aromas in a medium body.

Third Choice – Aeropress
Chris and Nick enjoyed the intensity of flavor and aroma offered up by the Aeropress. Cinnamon and caramel aromas dominated while flavors of toasted marshmallow and toffee provided for an interesting cup. A slight bitterness presented on the finish. Brewing Ratio: 12:1, Fine grind.

Not So Much – French Press
While the French press produced a perfectly acceptable cup of coffee, it left the complexity muddled and didn’t contribute enough to the mouthfeel to provide significant interest for our team. Brewing Ratio: 17:1, Coarse grind.

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