Why brew with a French press?

The French Press is a tried and true brewing method dating back to 1929. It has maintained its popularity due to its convenience, ease of use and the big bodied cups of coffee it produces. The French press uses no  paper filter, but rather a metal screen, which allows more of the oils and grind fines to find their way into the final cup. The result is a dense mouthfeel and rounded sweetness. While the press is extremely user friendly, it is the most prone to over extraction. Be sure to serve your brewed coffee immediately following the brew process as coffee left in the press will continue to extract.

You will need:

  • 8 Cup French Press
  • Burr Grinder
  • Pouring Kettle
  • Digital Gram Scale
  • Patriot Whole Bean Coffee
  • Filtered Water
  • Timer


  1. Weigh out 40 grams of whole bean coffee. Grind coffee using a burr grinder to a coarse consistency, or just slightly coarser than you would for a Chemex.
  2. Bring 32 fluid ounces of filtered water to a boil. 4 – 6 fluid ounces will be used to rinse the press.
  3. Remove the lid/plunger and pour near boiling filtered water into the press in order to temper the vessel.  This will ensure the glass is preheated and will help your brew to maintain temperature during extraction. Discard the rinse water.
  4. Add your freshly ground coffee to the press, place your press on the scale and zero out (scale reads “0”).
  5. Once your water has reached a boil, remove from heat and wait 60 seconds. Start your timer and slowly pour water onto the bed of grounds until the scale reads 60 grams (approx 2 liquid oz) and the entire bed is saturated. Give your coffee a gentle stir and let stand for 45 seconds.
  6. Pour filtered water over the grounds until the scale reads 680 grams (an additional 21 liquid ounces). Remove the press from the scale and gently place the lid/plunger on top.
  7. Once your timer has reached 4 minutes, gently press down on the plunger until it has reached the base.  Our method has called for a 1:17 coffee to water ratio. To adjust the strength of the brew, simply increase or decrease the amount of coffee used. Most importantly, pour a mug and enjoy!
Brew Method Chemex - Patriot Coffee Lakeland